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What is SOLVE?


Solve is a platform, that includes an application that you can use to find a beach, book and pay for your umbrella and order food and beverage without long waiting times, while at the beach.

It includes also, a smart box located at your umbrella, used as a safe for your valuables so that you can enjoy your swim without worrying about theft.

Finally, there are applications available for the Beach Managers, used to follow up all beach operations and make your visit, as stress free and easy as possible.



  • Crowded beaches, difficult to plan the visit without booking in advance.
  • Leaving your valuables unattended at the beach?
  • Service personnel not always available. Long waiting times to be served and lost turnover for the businesses.
  • Opportunity to explore new beaches, participate to brand contests, check in to the beach and invite your friends to join.
  • The market is evolving to digital age. Upgrade your business to SOLVE platform and fulfil customers need for a stress-free, well planned visit at the beach, by integrating all parts of your operations such as ordering, planning, advertising, KPIs, follow-ups, customers profiling and more.

Meet the SOLVERs

  • Spiros Karababas
    Spiros Karababas CEO - Founder

    Serial Entrepreneur & Business Development for the tech industry.

  • Kostas Galazoulas
    Kostas Galazoulas Business development / Co-Founder

    Global project implementation & trainings. Traveled to 50 countries & looking forward to the next one!

  • Angelos Anagnostou
    Angelos Anagnostou Business Navigator / Head of production

    Over 40 years of experience in growth strategies, management, sales and production in the field of electronics, software and services.

  • Apostolos Rammos
    Apostolos Rammos UI / UX & Marketing

    Experienced digital Project Manager, Creative Director, Guitarist & rock n’ roller!

our mission is to:

Offer the market’s best,
360° solution,
that provides a truly compelling
beach experience!

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